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Experience + Compassion

Litigation and Guardian Ad Litem Services 

At Moulthrop Law, we combine years of litigation experience  with a thoughtful and compassionate approach 

to assisting families and individuals during times of transition in their personal lives.  We understand that any involvement with the legal system can be overwhelming and confusing.  We help individuals navigate the court process in divorce, child custody, and child support matters, as well as at other times of family conflict. 

What makes Moulthrop Law unique?

Amanda Moulthrop, the founder of Moulthrop Law & Moulthrop Mediation, spent the majority of her career as a civil litigator with Atlanta Legal Aid Society.   Amanda also spent time in private practice, providing legal representation and strategic advice to clients in a wide variety of civil matters, including employment, estate planning and probate litigation.   Amanda Moulthrop's background includes a B.S. in Secondary School Education, and as a result, she is especially focused on helping children, through both direct representation of parents in legal matters, as we all as court-appointed guardian ad litem services.  Amanda's diverse civil legal background, as well as her experience with a wide array of individuals and companies, gives her a unique perspective on a variety of civil legal issues.  Amanda's professional experiences have allowed her to  develop a distinct and specialized skill set that enables her to assist parties in building consensus, envisioning creative solutions and producing successful results.  

In addition to being a member of both the State Bar of Georgia and the Cobb Bar Association, where she has held and continues to hold key leadership positions, Amanda is a certified neutral and is registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution, with a specialized certification in domestic mediation and domestic violence mediation.    

She is also a Georgia certified arbitrator.  

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