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What makes us different?

At Moulthrop Mediation, we assist individuals and companies in solving their legal disputes collaboratively, creatively and effectively. We believe that the mediation process can solve disputes, decrease costs and allow parties to maintain control over both their legal matter and their lives, leading to greater satisfaction in the outcome. Our goal at Moulthrop Mediation is to provide parties with the tools they need to create mutually-agreeable solutions. Our office is conveniently located in Marietta, Georgia, allowing us to provide mediation services throughout the metro Atlanta area and beyond.

What is mediation?

Mediation, also known as alternative dispute resolution,  is a way to solve disputes and  work through conflict peacefully and collaboratively.  It is a structured and interactive process that uses a third-party neutral, known as a mediator, to assist individuals and groups in resolving conflict.  Mediators  encourage the parties involved to participate in the mediation process by facilitating them in formulating mutually acceptable solutions.  

Why mediate?

Mediation allows the parties to have control over the outcome of their cases, which usually results in the parties being more satisfied with the outcomes and more willing to comply with the terms of their agreement or settlement.  Mediation also allows the parties to avoid costly and protracted litigation, as well as allowing the parties to settle their dispute in a private setting.

What types of cases can be mediated?

Almost any type of case can be mediated, from divorce  to personal injury matters to workplace disputes. 

What is arbitration?

Arbitration is another means of  resolving disputes outside of a courtroom.  Rather than the parties facilitating a settlement, the dispute is decided by one or more persons, called an arbitrator.  The arbitrator renders a decision, known as an arbitration award, which is generally binding and enforceable in court.  

Want to know more about the mediation and arbitration process?

We believe knowledge and education empower individuals and allow them to make better decisions.  For more information on mediation, we encourage you to visit the Georgia Commission on Dispute Resolution.

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